Bertrand Lamarche - LesSouffles

Colour video HD, 16:9, Loop, 10 min
Edition of 4 + 1 AP

Les Souffles (The Breaths) is the translation from one language to another, the transformation of sound into a writing in which the alphabet is yet to be defined. A phonogram is literally the written but arbitrary transcript of a sound. Here, the sound escapes from the vinyl and the writing is just some beeswax fixed to the disc, originally used to improve its performance. Chips form in each groove, with each new turn, and disappear to give way to new ones. The process is repeated and the wax tells us the music as the materiality of the lived moment. The disc rotates, the man dances on one side, the wax forms on the other, indefinitely. As if the real was inexhaustible and mechanical

Text by Marie Frampier, 2015